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Support Services

Secured IT are able to offer a range of Support services.


  • Server configuration/support for Linux, Microsoft and others.  Including Microsoft Windows AD Domain management including SBS, Unix YP / Nis Services, LDAP Services, Unix services.
  • Multi-platform scripting and programming, including perl, bash, csh, C#, Java. 
  • Email services - Microsoft Exchange, Spam filters, Exim, Sendmail, Lotus Notes, Email encryption.
  • Network Services - Cisco Routing/Firewalls, VPN Services, Wireless services, Complex Firewall configurations, Mail Relays (MX Servers), DNS, DHCP, Bootp.
  • Deployment systems - Kickstart, Jumpstart, RoboInst.

Please contact us for further information or call 01223 690622.

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